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Whatsapp for Blackberry Download – Free Latest Version for Blackberry

20 diciembre 2014

WhatsApp is currently the most widely used and downloaded apps on the Blackberry devices. WhatsApp is an app which helps you connect to your friends and family through text messages; it also offers tons of other options like sending pictures, videos, GIF’s, location, and long messages; all of which is for free. You can also video chat or make voice calls with your app for free. WhatsApp uses your internet data for the connections and calls. It is essential for your contacts also to have the app on their phone or they won’t get your messages, although it is likely that they do since the app has millions of users worldwide.
WhatsApp has grown in the recent years, before this, Blackberry users used to use Ping. The Blackberry messenger was the one of its first kind and was widely used in its peak era.
You might want to switch your chatting app in order to be better in contact with people on your phone. Here’s the steps you’ll need to know for installing WhatsApp for Blackberry phone.

First you will have to have a Blackberry phone, an active phone number with SIM card, fully charged battery and an internet connection.

Steps for Downloading WhatsApp for Blackberry:

  1. On your Blackberry device, open the App Work Application.
  2. Select the Search option, and enter WhatsApp on the search bar.

A list of apps will appear. Select only the first one on the list with this icon.

  1. The main page of WhatsApp will appear on the screen. Check the page for all sorts of additional information that you might want to know.
  2. Click on the Run button for the application to download and install automatically on your Blackberry.
  3. Your phone will start the installation process instantly. Once the process is complete, you will get a message.
  4. After receiving the message, you can directly open the open the app for further steps.
  5. Once you have the app installed, open the application on your phone.
  6. The app will ask for verification of your phone number.
  7. For Verification, simply enter your phone number and country code, and click on continue. You will receive a SMS from WhatsApp.
  8. Open the SMS and you will see an activation code given there. Remember this code and open the WhatsApp application, and enter it there.
  9. Now that the phone has been verified, the application will search your contacts for other numbers who also use WhatsApp.
  10. In order to begin chatting, simply select your desired contact number and begin typing.

Please note: this works for any BBM for PC device made after 2012.

This is the simple method for downloading WhatsApp on your Blackberry phone. Hope you have lots of fun with the app!