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How to Set Google as the Homepage in your Web Browser

12 Marzo 2015

Different home pages are set for different web browsers. Each time we open our browser, it take us to that designated homepage automatically. But considering the ease of use with the Google search engine, most of the internet users are fond of setting their homepage to google in their browser. There are different methods to apply in order to make Google the homepage in browsers like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge and Chrome etc. Google will never change your homepage settings without your permission. Select your browser above to learn how to reset your homepage. So, every time you open your browser it will instantly open the google with its vibrant search box in the centre of the page of your browser. Which is significant that without the user’s request or permission Google will never change the customized settings of the homepage? Here’s how to make Google my homepage. Follow the instruction step by step for the browser you are using now:

Make Google my homepage for popular browsers


  • Microsoft Edge
  • Open your Edge in Windows 10
  • Go to the dots in the upper right of the screen, click over it
  • Select Settings
  • Select More actions
  • Go down
  • Find and select View advanced settings
  • Under the new window of View advanced find Show the home button
  • Make sure that Show the home buttonis toggled on
  • If it is not turn it on
  • To set the Google as your home page enter google.com in the box
  • Press the Save button below
  • Restart you Edge and you will find your homepage is now set to google.


  • Open your Firefox
  • Find Tools from Menu Bar from the left top corner of your browser page opened
  • Click on the Tools
  • Get Options
  • Open Options by clicking over it
  • It will open a new window on the Firefox
  • Go to General in the left pane of the window
  • Now look at the right pane and see “Home Page:”
  • Enter Google.com in the box
  • Make sure “When Firefox Starts” is set to “Show your home page”
  • Restart Firefox
  • You are done

Internet Explorer

  • Open your Internet Explorer
  • Open the tool menu from the menu bar or by clicking on the gear icon in the top right
  • Go to Internet Options
  • Click over it to open the Internet Options dialogue box
  • In the Internet Options dialogue box the first tab is set to ‘General’ tab
  • Enter www.google.com in the box below Home Page
  • Click “OK” at the bottom
  • Your browser is set to Google Homepage for IE

Google Chrome

In Google Chrome the default homepage is already set to Google. No need to change anything.