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FOL MÚSICA is a catalyst aiming to foster creation, a label recording the musical projects and artists we like. Our first album was released in 1995. Over the years since we have aimed to be straightforward, consistent and honest, guided by our instinct and judgment in presenting and working with interesting and unique music, with artists who through their ingenuity, roots, identity and cultural resilience create and experiment with popular or eclectic works, beautiful and thrilling creations, contemporary musical scores.


FOL MÚSICA was founded as a Galician music label from the local perspective which has been a part of us since childhood, with our traditional customs, close to our people, in our land. Over the course of this long journey we have come across a world which has changed almost without our realising, where it seems we are more interconnected than ever, given all the peoples we have visited and the dozens of beautiful different languages we have heard; a planetary location where age-old cultures share unique singularities, a cultural legacy of humanity which we choose and attempt to defend, respect and love.

Neither our past nor our present are free of technical advances, trends or influences, which modify and enrich our inherited tradition, inspiring life and change in everything. We live in the era which has fallen to us, and if there is one thing which exerts a powerful influence it is the globality of our culture. Forced or voluntary migrations, travel, new technologies, the study and knowledge of so much music, specialisation in a global context, all these interconnections which break down boundaries, result in a more contradictory, perhaps more uncertain world, but also one which is more open and mixed, more diverse and intense. A world full of surprises which we love to live in.

My grandfather was a sailor, and in his little ship of steel he sailed distant seas, earning a living, perhaps encountering adventures, new experiences, maybe dreaming of infinite islands and mountains of eternal fire, maybe moved by the moon and stars. He discovered lands, peoples, songs and languages which were strange at that time, but undoubtedly are now more familiar. A distant and curious call still sounds, spurring us on to explore and travel the world.


FOL MÚSICA is embarking on a new course and is sailing new seas, an unknown route revealed and concealed in music. Our ship has set sail on a sea which stretches out in startling brightness; we feel awestruck, and are inevitably nervous about the journey. From the estuary of the Ría de Vigo, where we were born, we have spent time in Bilbao, in Cadiz and in Seville also, in cosmopolitan Barcelona, passing through Lisbon and the distant city of Rio de Janeiro, and were in Madrid for a while. We wonder now what new and fascinating destinations await us.


All are unique, international locations, with a love for their own essence and local customs, with traditions and innovations. We like to imagine the voyages of Ulysses, the dangerous sirens with their sweet song, the poetry and delicacy of a story in the desert, the party where we meet up to dance and sway…

There is a certain yearning for utopia and a desire to be free and to do whatever we want, enjoying childlike fun. We like to dream that we contribute our grain of sand to the fraternity of peoples, to the joy, peace and art of music. With our feet on the ground we are craftsmen in our trade, while using technological tools.

We are music producers, book publishers, rights managers, event promoters, experts in promotion and marketing; we help artists go further and achieve the greatest possible reach for their creations. Our work thrills us and we perform it with creativity and passion; we delight in good music.


FOL MÚSICA is now a world music label, an independent cultural outpost, with love and care for a job well done. Thank you for listening to these rhythms and melodies which we so value!


Nando Luaces, January 2015