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News / Sonche Atlántico, the new album by Pancho Alvarez released on 10/04/2012


Sonche Atlántico, the new album by Pancho Alvarez released on 10/04/2012

March 30, 2012


Pancho Alvarez presents "Sonche Atlántico" (it could be translated “I am Atlantic”) his fourth solo album, a work that shows the vital evolution of the artist in the searching for new creative paths.


This recording is melting pot of mixed acoustic sounds from traditional music by using electric guitars, experimental arrangements and contemporary texts written by renowned Galician authors like Suso de Toro or multimedia artist Anton Reixa.

This album contains twelve new recordings inspired by the great and vast Atlantic Ocean. With one foot playing in Galician music and the other into the lands which share this great sea full of sounds from North and South Americans to the African coast, from the Portuguese to Ireland or Brittany, and so on.

"Sonche Atlántico" features songs composed by Pancho and songs inspired by traditional melodies, which have been, impressed a special emotional relationship over Pancho’s musical background. A particular bond created through the experiences during his travels, the people that live attached to this cold sea, the Roman myth of the end of the world and the force of the Atlantic nature and landscape as resources. There are also humoresque songs o daily experiences of Galician towns and villages following the lines of oral tradition greatly admired and well known by Pancho as great connoisseur.

Pancho Alvarez is one of the most prominent names of Galician music, developing his particular profile as a musician using stringed instruments: violin, viola, viola da gamba, hurdy-gurdy, mandolin, bouzouki, electric and acoustic guitar, tenor guitar, oud, Venezuelan cuatro and bass. He also plays concertina, accordion and percussion. Pancho is a composer, arranger, and has an extraordinary knowledge of folklore and tradition of Galician music. In the recent past, he was member of Matto Congrio and Na Lúa groups and currently is working as stable musician into the Carlos Nunez's band, usually touring around the world.

Recorded and mixed by Pancho Alvarez for a long creative process, this album is the result of hard work in finding a sound that shows the strong personality of this artist Galician music. We listened with great pleasure these singular and great songs created by this incredible traditional author called Pancho Álvarez. 


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  1310. freelife said:
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