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18 January 2017

Root Woman is a tribute to all the women who breathe new life to endangered traditional music and bring it up to date in the 21st century with freshness and a modern touch.

We want to start the new year with this tribute because we feel that 2017 is going to be a turning point for women’s rights. Many of the walls of prejudice and injustice that still exist worldwide are going to be torn down. Women are going raise awareness of their strength and power without compromising their values, femininity, intuition, compassion, empathy and non-violence. They will finally be in the forefront, treated with equality and occupying relevant positions in all fields.

We want to humbly contribute with a collection of beautiful songs to help broaden world consciousness with their sensibility.

The root woman doesn’t need eyes; she absorbs the earth’s knowledge.
She is a flower woman, strong and delicate, elegant and serene.
She has lips to kiss and hands to caress.
Her weapons are intuition and beauty, courage and audacity
She’s dancing because she loves music and she is moved by art.
We all have her energy inside of us.
She shares her gifts.

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1- Guadi Galego “Chea de vida” (3.26)
2 – Mariem Hassan y Seydu “Desert Rose” (5:09)
3- Ses “Tronzar os Valos” (3:28)
4 –Mercedes Peon “Elas” (4.59)
5 – Luanda Cozzetti y Magin Blanco “Soñar” (4:47)
6 – Aline Frazao y Sergio Tannus “Água quentinha” (3:41)
7 – Carmen París “Jotera lo serás tú” (6:26)
8- Uxia “Menino do barrio negro” (3:49)
9- Doa “Verdes Herbas” (3:42)
10- Malvela “Pola Rua de San Pedro” (4:49)
11- Fuxan os Ventos con Sabela Rodriguez “Cantiga de Berce” (2:53)
12- Cristina Pato y Rosa Cedron “Mirabel” (4:45)
13- Ugia Pedreira y Magín Blanco “Anemone de Mar” (3:17)
14- Susana Seivane “Camiño Longo” (6:07)