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Davide Salvado

19 May 2015

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1. Gargamala
2. O Manso
3. Muiñeira Maronda
4. Helena
5. Gora
6. Lobos
7. Só
8. A Vida
9. Os Pasos da Fraga
10. Liulfe

Davide Salvado (Marin, 1981) is certainly one of the most charismatic voices of our country. Self-taught, has spent half his life traveling the Galician villages in search of rhythms, songs and dances. Of all those women who were found, he learned not only in music tradition, if not a way of life. Love to all those traditional practices, sewing, basketry, agriculture, respect for the land and language, make the understanding that the Davide singing is more than just music.


In 2003 he began his professional career with Ugia Pedreira (Marful) and the Eclectica Ensemble group. Soon after, he joined as a singer and percussionist of the recognized piper Budiño’s band, with whom he toured half the world scenarios. Its versatility also allowed him to approach genres such as cabaret or theater. Davide also collaborated on several recording projects, such as the recent Galiza of Kepa Junkera.

In 2011, he released his first solo album, Arnica Pura, produced by Eliseo Parra. After two years of touring, he presents Amorodos O thief, a show with the accordionist Santi Cribeiro (Berrogüetto) and percussionist Cristian Silva. With this show, Davide was chosen by the international jury for the official section of WOMEX 2014, the most important fair of world world music. Thanks to this, got a great presence in the international specialized media, especially in America, where they speak of him as one of the great discoveries of 2014.

RUSTICA was released on february 2015 (Fol Music 2015), a special project with Cristina Pato, Anxo Pintos and Roberto Comesaña.


Now he comes to light his new solo album, LOBOS (WOLVES), produced by Pedro Pascual (Talabarte, Marful), in which Davide is embraced by musicians like Xavi Lozano (Coetus), Quim Farinha (Berroguetto), Miguel Hiroshi or LAR Legido (Sumrrá), among others.

The wolves inspire this record as part of the Galicia purest and wild. From the wolves of Isaac Diaz Pardo’s Sargadelos to those who sing and become man … or vice versa.

LOBOS is made from the heart, is a thank you to all those tambourine and older dancers, strong and anonymous women, who taught Davide to be what it is.


The wolf howls when how much. It is the voice of the beast, a voice that has stomach and hunger; genital, disturbing, earthy voice; a threat, a spell, a mystery, an answer. The deep heart of the forest, the ancient land involved, is the singing at the mouth of the wolf.

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